Driving Lessons Luton

Are you looking to learn how to drive a car? Driving lessons are now more affordable than ever, and can help you greatly in your driving experience. To get your driver’s license you have to pass both the written examine and the driving test.

It is recommended that you get a copy of the Highway Code, and begin to read it because this is what the written (Theory) test will be over.  You must pass the theory test before you can take the practical test. The test has two parts a theory test and then the hazards perception test. The first part of the test is computerized, there are 50 questions, and in order to pass this part of the test you must have 43 correct. The driving hazards section of the test, the person taking the test watches clips and it’s just like the person is driving, and then clicks the mouse when they see a hazard about to occur. The quicker the mouse clicks the higher the score and you must pass this test with at least a 57.

The next step is to take the driving test. It is recommended before you take the driving test that you have a trained and highly qualified instructors, there are people qualified to give driving lessons in Luton. They provide quality lessons on driving basics, if a driving school is not ADI certified and registered, and then they cannot provide services for pay. If they are not ADI certified then company is a scam and should be reported to the authorities, they are a scam.

Look for ADI registered driving lessons Luton, they have trained instructors, and that will help you learn to safely and properly drive. The cover things like parts of the car and maintenance.  There are four maneuvers that are taught in most driving courses and they are:

·         Turn in the road

·         Reverse parking (also known as parallel parking)

·         Reverse round corner

·         Emergency stop

With proper driving lessons in Luton, it is possible to get your driver’s license quickly and easily. The driving lesson price range varies to accommodate all price ranges. Most places also offer tips and lessons to show you the best way to drive and also lessons on how to maintain the life of your car. These instructors show you many things from checking the oil to learning how to use a tire gauge. Good luck in beginning classes to obtain your driver’s license.

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